How it Works

➡️ Participation in our affiliate program is free.

➡️ You'll provide your name and email address (below) to start the process.

➡️ Once received, we'll help you set up an affiliate account on the Build Livable website.

➡️ You'll log in to get special links that are unique to you and your account.

➡️ You can share the links with anyone who may be interested in Build Livable. Send in email, text, tweets, whatever works.

➡️ If someone uses your link to visit and purchases a course, you'll earn 15% of the purchase price.

➡️ To receive the payment, you'll need a PayPal account. Payments arrive once per month. Create a PayPal account.

➡️ You can track your earnings and more on the Build Livable website.

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