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What is Build Livable?

We are homeowners on a mission to make home construction easier. How? By equipping you with the information and knowledge you need to be a more efficient and effective homeowner.
We're not builders, contractors, or architects. Construction pros will build your house. We build the knowledge and mindset you need to work with them more effectively.
We are experienced homeowners. We've worked on multiple construction projects since 2007. We know the stress, anxiety, and feeling of bewilderment that comes with construction.
We're here to help. During our recent construction project, we collected 1000s of notes, photos, and videos. We did research and interviewed pros and homeowners so that we could create the resource we needed from the beginning.

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Learn about our story and the experiences that led us to create Build Livable.

We're homeowners like you. Get to know us and discover what's possible for your project.