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Tour: Planning Navigator Course

Join Lee on a walk-through of the planning course and our approach to helping you make the most out of planning your project.

"The Navigator Course hits all the right topics with enough depth to be helpful without overwhelming homeowners. I learned some things and recommend it to anyone planning or building a custom home. "

~ Matt Roewe, Architect

"I love the layout and design of the Navigator Course. I'm impressed that this amount of content can feel so easy to digest and use."

~ Kris V., Homeowner

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Download Documents

Download and print documents that help you stay organized and work efficiently with builders. 

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Watch Useful Videos

Learn quickly with short videos that explain each phase of construction and what you can expect.

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Learn with Visuals

The guides are full of real-world photos and diagrams from construction projects.

We interviewed architects, builders, and homeowners to answer big questions:
  • How can homeowners ensure their project stays on budget and on schedule?
  • What do homeowners need to know about working with the construction team?
  • What are common pitfalls and mistakes homeowners should avoid?

This research, combined with a decade of experiences as homeowners, led to the creation of the Custom Home Navigator Course. It is by homeowners, for homeowners.

About Lee and Sachi LeFever

Hi! We are the two-person team that created Build Livable.

We're homeowners who have been through three major construction projects, including a custom home that took 20 months, during the pandemic. See photos.

We're passionate about construction and believe homeowners like us deserve better resources.

We've been professional media producers since 2007. Our company, Common Craft, makes educational videos that are used in classrooms around the world.

Building experience + expertise in education = a new approach to construction education.

Build Livable is the resource we wish we had over the last decade.

"For about the cost of a one-hour professional consultation, the Navigator Course provides homeowners with both general and detailed knowledge for getting the most out of a custom home project." 

~ Mark Seman, Architect

"Anyone building (or interested in building) a custom home should consider the Navigator Course. It’s invaluable because it connects the homeowner with the entire process using clear and concise language and examples. It’s helping us understand our options and articulate our thoughts so we can work more productively with the construction team. Highly recommended."

David W. & Michael G., Homeowners

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