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A Personal Introduction

Learn how our courses help homeowners.

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A Valuable Service to Clients

Imagine a new client who is not familiar with construction.

You send them a link via email and say, "This is a free service we provide. It will help you learn about the process and prepare."

The client clicks the link, creates an account, and discovers an all-in-one resource that helps them navigate the entire process.

The cost to you for the link? Under $100 USD.

It's win-win. They appreciate the service and learn about construction. You get more educated and prepared clients.

We Make Construction Education Easy

Imagine this scenario... Your new client onboarding process includes online courses. You send the client a link that makes our courses free. They love the service and become more informed and prepared.
Build Livable Process

Tour: Planning Navigator Course

Join Lee on a walk-through of the planning course and our approach to helping you make the most out of planning your project.

Tour: Construction Navigator Course

Lee LeFever is your guide on a tour of what we cover in the Construction Navigator Course.